The Spanish Federation for Mountain and Climbing Sports (FEDME, Federación Española de Deportes de Montaña y Escalada) is a sports federation that was set up in accordance with the Sports Law as a private, non-profit-making legal entity, but with the remit to perform public functions relating to the practice of mountain and climbing sports. In accordance with its Statutes, the Spanish Federation has been allocated the powers to oversee excursions and treks through the lower, middle and upper reaches of mountain areas, including the pursuits of mountaineering, rambling, rock climbing, canyoning, Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, camping for mountaineering purposes and competitions relating to such sports, including mountain races.

FEDME has a person responsible for the Nature Access Committee on its Board of Directors. The Nature Access Committee designs the annual strategy and is composed of the people in charge of wildlife issues for all the regional federations, with meetings being held twice a year. The Technical Branch of the Nature Access Committee is responsible for setting up various projects that have been approved, and is composed of six representatives with special qualifications in this area. In order to carry out its activities it currently has a professional member of staff working on a part-time basis.

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