The relationship among the Regional Mountaineering Federations and the managers of Natural Protected Areas enjoys, today, good health. The Regional Federations are actually represented in the boards (or equivalent) of more than sixty Natural Protected Areas. Most are Mountain Areas, but others not due that climbing and hiking can be practiced in coastal areas, at sea level.

The drift of a sport federation whose natural playground is none other than mountains, the nature, to environmental concerns has been the result of the dedication of mountaineers from different regions that have dedicated their time to this task altruistic and voluntary. We must recognize, moreover, that in the last decade has also changed, in general, the way to legislate that in some cases led to arbitrary regulation based on prohibition and not on scientific criteria.

FEDME has been invited to join the National Rural Network, an advisory body that includes representatives of government and social groups involved in the development of rural and natural areas of Spain. At the meeting on November 24th , 2010 agree the proposal of the General Directorate of Sustainable Rural Development to incorporate FEDME. On July 12th , 2016 FEDME joined the Executive Committee for Monitoring the National Rural Network for a year period under the rotating shifts of the entity.

FEDME has joined the new State Council Biodiversity and Natural Heritage. With this new addition FEDME gives once again a step forward in its role as a privileged interlocutor of administrations, users of natural areas and their involvement with conservation and development. As a member of the State Council FEDME is consulted in the development of certain regulatory and legislative projects that have to do with its scope. The arguments and comments submitted by FEDME are suggested and argued from the Scientific Mountains Advisory Board.