The FEDME Nature Access Committee (CAN in its Spanish acronym) is made up of all the Delegates/Members of the regional mountaineering federations concerned with nature issues. Coordination is run by to the Head of Nature Access at FEDME, as part of the Governing Body, and its number is completed by members of the FEDME Nature Access Technical Committee.

Ordinary meetings are held once a year, with extraordinary meetings being called only where reasonable grounds exist. However, most members will coincide at other meetings, conferences or other business organised by the federation. Regular communication is maintained throughout the year, including the exchange of documents relating to the protection of mountains, public use of Protected Natural Areas and the regulation of mountain sports.

The frequency of meetings and continuity of many of the representatives has meant that good personal relations have facilitated the permanent exchange of thoughts and experiences. Thus, only if they really want to, do they attempt to resolve alone any problems that might arise from bans or limitations on the practice of mountain sports in their own region.



  • The Nature Access Committee puts forward a number of guidelines to orientate and drive its strategy. Amongst others, these include:
  • Defending mountaineering as a traditional activity in natural areas.
  • Encouraging initiatives to guarantee free, responsible access to the natural environment as far as this is possible.
  • Seeking out stable channels of dialogue and negotiation with environmental authorities.
  • Working and cooperating with those responsible for Protected Natural Areas on regulating activities conducted in the natural environment.
  • Seeking specific agreements for the provision of equipment and services of mountain sports, such as mountain refuges, trails or climbing schools.
  • Reinforcing matters of environmental education.
  • Maintaining specific contacts and avenues of cooperation with social organisations and other federations with activities in the nature.
  • Acting as “mountain watchdog” when considered appropriate for mountaineering, mountains and the inhabitants of such regions.


Although these meetings are occasionally attended by the chairperson of each federation, the representatives currently designated are as follows:


Antonio Joaquín Sánchez (Andalusia)

Modesto Pascau (Aragon)

Antonio Alba (Asturias)

Robert Busquet (Baleares)

Carlos Roig, (Cantabria)

Manolo Novés, (Castilla La Mancha)

Alberto Sánchez, (Castilla León)

Jaume Grau (Catalonia)

Margarita Malvar, (Galicia)

Igor Andalur, (Guipúzcoa)

Francisco Cantó, (Madrid)

Koldo Arnaz, (Navarre)

Humberto Domínguez, (Tenerife)

Alba Sánchez, (Valencia)